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Summer Camp: Performance Training

About Performance Training Camp

Performance Training Camp will provide campers with ninety minutes of instruction each day focused on the on-field speed and plyometrics of sport and weight training split into two-45 sessions.
On-Field Speed & Plyometrics 
Work will cover sprinting mechanics and how to run/jump safely and more efficiently
Weight Training 
Instruction to fully develop the basic movement patterns that developing athletes need to learn for their sport while utilizing mostly body-weight style exercises and progress athletes to full weights when appropriate given their movement capacity. 
The goal of this camp is to lay a complete foundation for these athletes so that they are able to fully develop their athletic potential for the next 4 years of high school and through college, if they are able to make it to that level.
It is HIGHLY recommended that an athlete come for a minimum of 2-weeks during the summer. Because everything we will cover is progressive in nature, the more weeks an athlete attends, the more improvement they will see. A single week will not allow for much physical or neuro-muscular adaptation to occur.

Camp Director

Kyle Flynn has been the Sport Performance Coach at Archbishop Spalding for the last year. In his time at the school, he has worked with nearly every team that school offers. Before becoming the Sport Performance Coach at ASHS, he had coached in various roles with the Spalding football team since 2018.
Coach Flynn is a Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist who has been working with athletes of every level since 2009. In 2009, Coach Flynn, as an undergrad, started interning at the University of Maryland, College Park with many of their D-1 athletic teams. After completing a 3-year internship at UMD, he received his degree and went on to work at Georgetown University for a year training with their soccer, lacrosse, and football teams. From there, Coach Flynn has since opened up two successful gyms in the Millersville and Crofton area, and still currently runs them in addition to his duties at Archbishop Spalding.

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